by Quiet Country Audio



Recorded live at Quiet Country Audio on 4/17/2012


released 06 June 2012



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Track Name: The Bridge
There's an endless amount of elements
constructed out of math and other things
that I barely understand.
I stare from a coast with every intention
to see another destination.

It's not about hate, it's not about pain.
Just compelling waves of thought that seem to wash over your brain.
And they're whispering:
"Do the right thing or throw it all away".

I just haven't decided if it's across the lake
Or at the bottom of it.
That wind was something I'll never forget.
Every time I feel it move, i'm reminded that

It's not about love, it's not about trust.
Just being comfortable collapsing on the shores where you wash up.
And they're whispering:
"Do the right thing or throw it all away".

All we are is blood and bones and sometimes a soul.
(I'll throw it all away)
Track Name: No Apology
What did you think was gonna happen?
How could you expect anything else from me?
Let's talk realistically, 'cause we've all avoided that to this point.
and yeah to this point...
You don't call the night a success until the evening ends
With someone holding back your hair while you're holding back your tears.
You've done so much that makes you feel adventurous
But that doesn't save you from waking up in a cold sweat.
You're waking up in a cold sweat...
Wondering why where you are is just as bad as where you've been.
You've fallen into this cushion of excuses.
The only thing that I've seen change is the faces and their names.
I guess the irony connects when I imagine all our friends
Hanging out and talking again.
And yeah it's fair to say we won't be enemies
or whatever word you'd like to use to get yourself to see the truth
about what you've become.

In your ocean of self medicating ways to keep your head above the waves
there's an undertow of a lack of self-control
built to sweep you away
And it waits for you.
Track Name: L'espirit De Escalair (The Spirit Of The Stairs)
I've got something to say.
But it probably wasn't that great.
I should have wrote it all down and kept it safe.
But what good would that do anyway?
To my greatest of ghosts that I have learned to let go;
It's been an interesting road. Farewell.
All I wanted was to bow out gracefully.
Chalking it up to the cryptic ways that we communicate.
I'll be honest. Some nights are still hurricanes.
It begs the question. "What happened to us?"
There are things in this life that are not what they seem.
Like the things that you say and what they actually mean.
Tell me I'm wrong.
Track Name: Words With Friends
Every year, I am brought back to the same places.
It's like my mind begs me to catch up to the thoughts I've had a billion times already.
So-long. So-long to better days.
So afraid, too afraid to face the road of failure I've paved to find my way back home.
I'll leave a trail of stones to prove I've had my prouder moments.
Suddenly, my time alone means so much more.
I know this heart is well known for falling apart,
But I'll learn to rely on the sunshine and the weather
To forget all our time together.
I've got that itch again.
To make things worse in steady increments.
When the walls caved in, I was left to my own devices.
And I learned
that day that I'm more real than concrete.
And now I know...
I'm not afraid.